Refund Policy

The Comox Valley Raiders have set the following guidelines on refunds with regards to registration fees for our youth sports programs.

In order to request a refund, a written email should be sent to with a detailed explanation for the request. After the request has been received, our board will review and decide to move forward with the refund and how much of the cost will be refunded.  At your discretion, refunds may be applied as a credit towards a future season, a refund check, or a direct refund to your credit card. Please note refunds issued may take up to 7-14 days to process.

Refund requested within the first 3 practices will be provided on a pro-rated basis. After this, partial refunds may be granted for extenuating circumstances, and will be decided upon by the Board of Directors.

Refunds will be accessed for programs on the basis of the following:

● Injury

● Moving out of area

● Not filling team roster due to lack of participation

Unfortunately, refunds will NOT be assessed for programs due to the following:

● Weather cancellations

● Unhappy with team assignment

● Request not honoured

● Scheduling Conflicts


Please note:

  • A $25 processing fee will be deducted from ALL requested refunds.
  • For our flag program, if your player has been issued a team uniform we request that it is laundered and returned. If it is not the cost of the uniform will be withheld from the refund.
  • In all circumstances, any equipment issued to a player must be returned before any refund will be processed. 
  • All BCPFA & Football Canada Fee’s are Non-Refundable.


For more information please contact the Treasurer at

Illness Policy

The Comox Valley Raiders’ Safety Officer will oversee and implements the control measures and response for any COVID cases (single) or outbreaks (2+ cases). There is a zero tolerance policy for ‘playing while sick’ – so any players who are ill will not be allowed to partake in games/practices. Please review our complete policy included in our approved Return to Sport General Safety Plan.


I think my child may have COVID – what do I do?

Any suspected and/or confirmed cases must immediately be reported to the club’s Safety Officer –  Ensure that you follow all provincial guidelines (monitor symptoms, self-isolate, contact your doctor, etc.).


My player is exhibiting some of the symptoms of COVID, can they still play?

No. Any player exhibiting signs of fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, stuff/runny nose, lose of sense of smell, headache, muscle aches & fatigue must not return to the field for at least 5 days.


If the club has confirmed cases of COVID – what happens?

If a team has 2 or more confirmed cases – the team will suspend operations for a 5-day period. If two or more teams have 2 or more confirmed cases of COVID-19 the club will suspend operations for a 5-day period. Refunds, or partial refunds, of registration fees would be offered.